Our work could not be done without your support.
Thank you for all you do to help us reach generations
of kids who 
desperately need to hear a message of hope.
To Donate Online: 

To Donate by Check:
Make checks out to "Young Life" and send to:
Young Life Stamford
PO Box 112242
Stamford, CT 06911

Do you love coffee? By ordering your coffee beans, grounds or K-cups 41 and Change, a portion of the total cost will go straight towards Young Life Stamford’s camp costs. Another portion will benefit kids in Nicaragua, where 41&Change gets its responsibly-grown and sold coffee. This is an ongoing opportunity.


Follow These Steps:


1.      Go to http://www.41change.com/young-life/stamford ​and select the product you’d like to buy.

2.      Select the “Donate To This Location” button.

3.      You will be redirected to shop, select your coffee and add it to your cart.

4.      Click “Proceed to Checkout” and complete your order!


Check out some more specific giving ideas below:
This year is Gonna Be BIG!!!

We need your support! Whether you're interested in sending kids to camp, enabling more contact work, helping supply a club or empowering Plugged In, there's a giving opportunity for you. 
Please browse our list of opportunities below, 
and thank you again for your commitment to
introducing local kids to Christ! 
Current Ministry:

Young Life Stamford

 Goals for Future Ministries:
A team of 4 leaders at EACH school

We are currently reaching
 30 kids every week.
With your support, we plan to
double this number by 2017.  
Support for Local Ministry

$25 = food for a local volunteer & two kids.
$100 = a local volunteer's ministry for one semester.
$200 = local staff ministry for one month.
$1000 = one semester of WyldLife
$5,000 = All transportation for WyldLife events for the year

Support for Camp

$600 = one kid to summer camp. 
$1,000 = one kid to summer camp & all transportation.
$6,000 = one cabin o f kids at camp.
$10,000 = one cabin of kids & all transportation. 

Contact Rico Arocha , area director, with questions. 

Young Life has been ranked as a top charity by Charity Navigator .




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