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Make Stamford Whole

​It takes a village to raise a child. Young Life Stamford is honored to be part of that village for the adolescents of Stamford. We invite you to take your place with us to make this city whole together, one kid at a time!

Below, you'll learn about our volunteer opportunities to reach the next young person. Ask, "What's my role in making Stamford whole?" You can invest your time with us in three ways:
Front Lines - Work directly with kids
Behind the Scenes - Provide Infrastructure
Come & See - Learn more about us
Join a team of passionate adults trained and sent out to befriend the adolescents of Stamford. Invest your time, talents, and treasures into the next generation. This is not for everyone, but we hope it is for you! Let us know you're interested. 

Club Helpers
Assist with the logistics of our weekly gatherings. Jobs include student transportation, set-up and breakdown of equipment, and food preparations. Let us know you're interested. 

Do you have a heart for hospitality? Do you want to provide a secure venue for kids to process life with their leaders? Let us know you're interested. 


Provide our staff and leaders with prayerful covering, visionary leadership, community connections, and financial backing. Invest your time, talents, and treasures with us, and ensure our health and sustainability. Let us know you're interested.
Make Stamford whole by helping us build a solid foundation in order to influence our city for years to come. Whether a one-time or recurring gift, no investment is too small. Learn more at our Giving page.​ 

Are you connected to a local organization working with youth? Can you help us provide "next steps" for our graduating students? We recognize that it will take a diverse village to make a diverse city like Stamford whole. Let's work together. Tell us your idea!

Local Events
Get a taste of who we are locally by joining us for Club– our weekly "party with a purpose"– as one of our board members hosts you. You won't regret it. Let us know you're interested.

Adult Guest Program
Experience Young Life in high definition by joining us for a few days while camp is in session. You'll stay in top-shelf accommodations as you witness miracles at Young Life camp. Let us know you're interested.

Young Life Resort Experiences
Though we specialize in leading students into a full life of adventure, we know that adults need it as well! Join us for one of our adult experiences at Young Life's Lake Champion:
Family Camp 
3rd weekend of September

Leaders and Friends Camp
Memorial Day Weekend


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