41 & Change How to Fundraise


Are you interested in attending camp with us? 
Sell 100 bags of coffee and your camp costs will be covered (minus spending money)

​ Start selling coffee today with the materials below: 

Download the following documents as needed. These promotional materials will allow you to communicate in person or via email and social media your desire to raise money in order to attend YoungLife or WyldLife Camp. You will direct people to purchase online and select your name. As long as a purchase has your name designated your camp account will earn funds. 

This is an ongoing fundraiser which means you can sell coffee year round for your trip.

For more information head to 41 & Change.com 

Stamford Younglife Cross Marketing Coupon.pdfStamford Younglife Cross Marketing Coupon.pdf

Still have questions or need additional resources? Contact us! We are happy to help any way we can.


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